Prof. Michal Szostak

Office: Olson 204

73 Warren Street

Newark, NJ 07102

E-mail: michal.szostak@rutgers.edu

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Welcome to the Szostak Group website. 

We are a dynamic synthetic organic chemistry research team engaged in developing new catalysts and reactions using the power of transition metals. In particular, we are interested in:

1) Amide bonds

2) C-H activation

3) Organometallic catalysis

Check out our full study on 5 new perpendicular twisted amides N-acyl-glutarimides! Test them out in N-C(O) acyl and decarbonylative cross-couplings for optimal performance.


Heartiest Congratulations to Guangrong Meng on receiving Best Ph.D. Dissertation Award at Rutgers-Newark in 2020! Well-done!!! You can read more about Dr. Meng’s research in one of his many papers on amide N-C activation. 

Slides from the spring ACS Meeting, Philadelphia, are now available on SciMeetings platform. Check Out Cross-coupling of amides by N–C activation!

Congratulations on well-deserved success to Daniel Pyle, an undergraduate student in our lab, who has been accepted to prestigious Ph.D. programs at Yale University, University of California-Berkeley, Columbia University, Northwestern University, University of Chicago, Johns Hopkins University. Well-done!!! You can read more about Daniel’s research in the Special Issue on Amide Bond Activation.

Our recent Chem. Rev. on NHCs in C-H activation is published!

NHCs in C-H Activation

Ph.D. studentship available to start in Spring 2020 (January 2020).